A Place For Those Seeking To Be A Life Learner of the Interactions and Values Related to the Many Aspect of the Human-Animal-Bond

Most veterinarians, clinic teams, and other animal care takers do not have the time to seek out quality training on Human Animal Interaction nor was it part of their initial schooling. Topics like cognition, consent, recent developments in behavior, umwelt, theory of mind, and how at-risk and marginalized populations fit into our bond with other animals are novel topics to many in these groups. It is for this reason, we need to seek thought leaders from outside these circles and learn about topics that are relevant to our daily activities from those on the edge of research, application, and literature.

The Human Animal Bond Academy, an international effort between the Human Animal Bond Association in the United States, The Society of Companion Animals and Our Special Friends in the United Kingdom was created to establish a space for lifetime learning and exchange of ideas on these topics and far more. It will develop into a most unique vehicle where individuals from all walks of life can acquire knowledge from an ever widening spectrum of available information provided by key opinion leaders both within the animal care community and without.


Our current contributors are responsible for over 20 books, countless publications and represent 10 different academic institutions from all over the world, all of which are directly related to the subject matter on which they will speak. It would be logistically impossible to create an educational meeting at which all these speakers could attend so to be able to listen to them all in one place, at your own speed, and where you want is truly valuable and unique.

Pet Ownership in Homeless Populations
Leslie Irvine, PhD University of Colorado Boulder

What Makes Dogs Special
Clive Wynne, PhD Director of the Canine Science Collaboratory at the Arizona State University, Director of Research at Wolf Park in Battle Ground IN.

Neglect, Abuse, and the Human Animal Bond
Maya Gupta, PhD Clinical Psychologist University of Florida, Canisius College, Buffalo NY.

Decoding Cats
Steve Dale CABC

You Can’t Treat Cats If You Don’t See Them
Steve Dale CABC

Considering Consent in Companion Animals
Erin Jones MSc., CPDT-KA, IAABC-ADT, CDBC, PhD Candidate
Emily Tronetti MS, CTC, CPDT-KA, PhD Candidate


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