Purpose: to promote the mission of HABA to veterinary students and to encourage participation and leadership in the Human-Animal Bond space. HABA will award a student scholarship under the following guidelines:

1. HABA will sponsor a student scholarship of up to $2000/year, with the final amount to be determined by the board of directors. The board reserves the right to offer more than one scholarship or no scholarship at all. The scholarship is to be used toward tuition/fees and payment for the calendar year and will be made directly to the student’s school.

2. Applicants must be in good academic standing at an accredited veterinary college and hold a current student membership in HABA at the time the application is submitted (student membership is free).

3. Each applicant will submit the approved HABA application. The applicant will provide a statement of their understanding of, and their involvement in, the human-animal bond. Special preference will be given to demonstration of leadership activity.

4. The student recipient must contribute at least one article for the Spring HABA newsletter.

5. The student scholarship recipient will be announced in our newsletter and on our website.